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Thursday, 19 September 2019

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A Cloud database is a cloud data storage solution to store and access data in the form a large database. It is a service built for added performance & flexibility based on cloud computing. Whilst moving workloads to the public cloud, you need to consider options of secure file sharing. And for a database, it needs to be Database-as-a-Service or (DBaaS).
In the world of databases or let’s consider a relational database, wherein data is stored in rows and columns, and gets programmed in SQL, it is the capability of a cloud to be elastic and deliver fast compute capabilities.
The cloud is gaining significant traction and popularity for enterprises and enterprise owners in terms of comfort and security. To run the database, users need to install an application on a cloud platform to use or implement the database.
Key features of a cloud-based database include –
•Accessibility on the cloud
•Host databases on the cloud without investing in dedicated hardware
•Supports multiple versions of SQL or MySQL
•Can be accessed through a web interface
The advantages of using a relational database over a transactional database would be its popularity for data analytics. Whilst deploying a relational database, it mostly gets down the cost, increases scalability, and performance in terms of DBaaS.
Cloud data storage has numerous advantages over legacy systems viz.
•Mitigates the requirement of on-premise systems that require space, costs, workforce, and more
•Higher processing power for applications and analytics
•Achieve higher cost-savings with –
•Reduced or no-in-house workforce
•Reduced Cloud Data Storage Pricing
•Pay-as-you-go model
•Advantage of hosting a NoSQL or SQL database in the cloud.

Cloud data storage or secure file sharing over the cloud has become a prominent driver for information to flow within various individuals. It is important for enterprises to leverage this technology for its significant benefits in terms of its data security, file access. scalability, and more.

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